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Siegel Bros. places a special emphasis on training and educating our people—they are our greatest asset. We know that our success depends entirely on the success of our customers, and we are determined to help you achieve that goal. And we do that by employing a dedicated workforce that has your best interests in mind. Our team is eager to provide solutions that help your project remain on time and on budget with materials, equipment and tools that we know will perform.

When you call your Siegel Bros. representative, you can be assured of getting fast, accurate solutions followed by quick delivery of the right products. We hope to have earned your trust and support, and we thank you for your help in making Siegel Bros. the #1 choice of contractors in the New York metro area.

In 1919, two brothers—Jacob and Joseph Siegel—opened the doors of Siegel Bros. Hardware in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During the first twenty-five years of operation, the firm experienced the challenges of both the Great Depression and World War II. The lessons learned were invaluable to our future, as we had to dramatically adjust to the changing times and corresponding demands of our customers.

In today’s world of big-box conglomerates and online retailing, it is rare to find a family-owned business that has been thriving for a century. The reason we’ve been able to do that is simple. We understand the problems, needs and goals of our customers and employ experienced people who can react to your needs. Siegel Bros. has an inventory that accurately reflects the needs of the market, rather than one that is based solely on what a computer tells us turns over quickly.

One hundred years of experience has taught us that to be successful in New York, we need to carry the right inventory of world-class products made by top-quality manufacturers. Our list of suppliers reads like a Who’s Who of the world’s best manufacturing companies. You can add to this a constant search for new and innovative products that will help you finish your projects faster, save you money and help you to deliver a better project to your customer.

We’ve learned the importance of continuous reinvestment in our warehouse facilities, equipment and technology. This facilitates efficient inventory control, rapid delivery and real-time customer service.


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